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Texas House candidates

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There are 150 members of the Texas House. Each state representative serves a two-year term.

If you do not know the number of the district in which you reside, you can find it on your voter registration card, or you may look it up here. Click on each candidate's name to find more information, such as campaign websites, social media links, voting records, ACT For TCTA contributions and education group support. TCTA does not endorse candidates; this information is provided to help you be an informed voter.

Texas House District 103Texas House District 104Texas House District 105
Rafael Anchía (incumbent), DemocratJessica González (incumbent), DemocratTerry Meza (incumbent), Democrat
Rose Cannaday, Republican
Texas House District 106Texas House District 107Texas House District 108
Jared Patterson (incumbent), RepublicanLinda Garcia, DemocratMorgan Meyer (incumbent), Republican
Hava Johnston, DemocratElizabeth Ginsberg, Democrat
Texas House District 109Texas House District 110Texas House District 111
Aicha Davis, DemocratToni Rose (incumbent), DemocratYvonne Davis (incumbent), Democrat
Texas House District 112Texas House District 113Texas House District 114
Angie Chen Button (incumbent), RepublicanRhetta Andrews Bowers (incumbent), DemocratJohn Bryant (incumbent), Democrat
Averie Bishop, DemocratStephen Stanley, RepublicanAimee Ramsey, Republican
Texas House District 115Texas House District 116Texas House District 117
Cassandra Hernandez, DemocratTrey Martinez Fischer (incumbent), DemocratPhilip Cortez (incumbent), Democrat
John Jun, RepublicanDarryl Crain, RepublicanBen Mostyn, Republican
Texas House District 118Texas House District 119Texas House District 120
John Lujan (incumbent), RepublicanElizabeth "Liz" Campos (incumbent), DemocratBarbara Gervin-Hawkins (incumbent), Democrat
Kristian Carranza, DemocratBrandon J. Grable, Republican
Texas House District 121Texas House District 122Texas House District 123
Laurel Jordan Swift, DemocratMark Dorazio (incumbent), RepublicanDiego Bernal (incumbent), Democrat
Marc LaHood, RepublicanKevin Geary, Democrat
Texas House District 124Texas House District 125
Texas House District 126
Josey Garcia (incumbent), DemocratRay Lopez (incumbent), DemocratE. Sam Harless (incumbent), Republican
Sylvia Soto, Republican

Texas House District 127
Texas House District 128
Texas House District 129
Charles Cunningham (incumbent), RepublicanBriscoe Cain (incumbent), RepublicanDennis Paul (incumbent), Republican
John Lehr, DemocratChuck Crews, DemocratDoug Peterson, Democrat
Texas House District 130
Texas House District 131
Texas House District 132
Tom Oliverson (incumbent), RepublicanAlma A. Allen (incumbent), DemocratMike Schofield (incumbent), Republican
Brett Robinson, Democrat
Chase West, Democrat
Texas House District 133
Texas House District 134
Texas House District 135
Mano DeAyala (incumbent), RepublicanAnn Johnson (incumbent), DemocratJon E. Rosenthal (incumbent), Democrat

Audrey Douglas, Republican
Texas House District 136
Texas House District 137
Texas House District 138
John H. Bucy III (incumbent), DemocratGene Wu (incumbent), DemocratLacey Hull (incumbent), Republican
Amin Salahuddin, Republican
Stephanie Morales, Democrat
Texas House District 139
Texas House District 140
Texas House District 141
Angeanette Thibodeaux, Democrat*Armando Lucio Walle (incumbent), DemocratSenfronia Thompson (incumbent), Democrat
Charlene Ward Johnson, Democrat*
Texas House District 142
Texas House District 143
Texas House District 144
Harold V. Dutton Jr. (incumbent), DemocratAna Hernandez (incumbent), DemocratMary Ann Perez (incumbent), Democrat
Texas House District 145
Texas House District 146
Texas House District 147
Christina Morales (incumbent), DemocratShawn Nicole Thierry (incumbent), Democrat*Jolanda Jones (incumbent), Democrat

Lauren Ashley Simmons, Democrat*Claudio Gutierrez, Republican
Lance York, Republican
Texas House District 148
Texas House District 149
Texas House District 150
Penny Morales Shaw (incumbent), DemocratHubert Vo (incumbent), DemocratValoree Swanson (incumbent), Republican
Kay Smith, RepublicanLily Truong, RepublicanMarisela "MJ" Jimenez, Democrat

*Candidates advance to a runoff on May 28 after no one secured more than 50% of the March 5 primary votes.

Note: Votes can’t be cast in uncontested statewide races, which will be listed separately on the ballot after races with multiple candidates.

Texas House Districts 1-51Texas House Districts 52-102