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Field Service Request

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Complete the form below to request a special guest for your TCTA meeting.

Field Service Request Tips

Requests for a local or district-wide presentation should be made in writing or online, using the form below, with at least three weeks' advance notice. Please identify an alternate date in case your preferred date is not available. We ask that you coordinate presentation requests with neighboring local affiliates so that, when possible, more than one local CTA can take advantage of an officer or staff visit to your area.

Whenever possible, please try to keep your presenter’s travel arrangements in mind when scheduling your meetings. If your guest presenter is traveling from Austin, for example, it is helpful if meetings are not scheduled before the first flight from Austin could arrive (requiring the presenter to spend the preceding night) or to have the guest speaker scheduled so late that he/she cannot return to Austin that evening. If you have a lengthy agenda in addition to the presenter, please consider having the presenter speak first so that he/she has time to catch a return flight or to reduce late-night driving.

President and Board of Directors

The TCTA president is available to visit local affiliates upon request and can tailor a presentation to your needs. Also consider taking advantage of your elected leaders who are close to home and include them in your activities. Many TCTA Board of Directors members would like to be more aware of and involved in the activities of the local affiliates they represent. Invite directors and Advisory Council members from your area to your local meetings. Board members can be useful resources and are your contacts for conveying information and concerns to the full TCTA Advisory Council. Board member travel expenses are reimbursed by TCTA when the visit has been approved in advance by the TCTA president.

TCTA Staff Members

Members of the TCTA staff may also be available to attend and make presentations at local CTA meetings. Presentations by staff attorneys may be made at the district level, including Saturdays. Requests for staff field service presentations should be addressed to the TCTA executive director.

To ensure that our staff attorneys are available to members in need of legal services, attorneys are not available for general interest CTA presentations unless (1) a common legal problem exists; or (2) a presentation can be made to all local affiliates in your TCTA district.

Expected Cost

There is no cost to the local CTA for a presentation. Travel and lodging expenses (when necessary) are handled by TCTA. After receiving details from the local CTA(s) requesting the visit, travel arrangements will be made by headquarters. We may ask, when possible, that you meet your guest presenter at the airport and transport him/her to the meeting site to avoid the necessity of renting a car and navigating in an unfamiliar city.

Meeting Information

Will someone be available to provide transportation for the presenter to and from the airport, if appropriate?
Do you expect members of the administration, school board or media to be in attendance at this meeting?
Is this a meal function?

Contact Information

Alternate Contact Information