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Take 2, Make $25 Member Referral Program

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That’s right. For every two NEW First-Time Active-level members you recruit for TCTA, we’ll send you $25!

How it works

Each time you sign up a NEW Active-level TCTA member (someone who is joining TCTA for the first time as an Active member), ask them to write your membership number or name in the designated box on the membership application. We’ll keep track of the new members you recruit and send you $25 for every two submitted.

Who's eligible to join TCTA?

Candidates for Active TCTA membership include all classroom teachers, librarians, counselors, diagnosticians, school nurses, social workers, speech pathologists, coaches, and other professional, non-administrative personnel regularly employed in the public schools of Texas.

The payoff for you

If you recruit two NEW First-Time Active-level members, you get $25; if you recruit four, you get $50; if you recruit 10, you get $125! Payments will be processed approximately every 30 days beginning in August through Dec. 31.

Who’s eligible for Take 2, Make $25?

All current members of the TCTA are eligible to participate in Take 2, Make $25. Just make sure the new member enters your TCTA member number on their application and we’ll take care of the rest.

The fine print

  • A qualifying NEW member is defined as an individual who has not previously enjoyed the benefits of Active-level TCTA membership and who joins for the first time.

  • The cash incentive is available and paid only in increments of two members. There is no cash reward for recruiting one new member. (But, you know that you’ve done your colleagues a good turn by introducing them to the many benefits of TCTA membership!)

  • The program runs annually from May 1 through Dec. 31. All membership forms must be received at TCTA headquarters by that date to be eligible.

  • "No Pooling." Proper credit must be given to the individual who did the actual recruiting. "Pooling" all new members together for use in the local affiliate treasury is not allowed and defeats the purpose of rewarding the members who are working hard to recruit for TCTA.

  • If you have any questions about the program, please call the Membership Department at 888-879-8282 or email membership@tcta.org.