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Professional Liability Insurance

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TCTA members receive up to $8 million in professional liability insurance coverage, with $2 million coverage for civil rights claims. The policy also provides up to:

  • 15,000 for alleged criminal actions, including investigations by Child Protective Services and law enforcement officials
  • $10,000 for alleged criminal actions of a sexual nature involving minors
  • $5,000 for bail bonds for criminal charges
  • $2,500 for legal services required as a result of identity theft
  • $2,500 for personal property damages (for items such as glasses, cellphone and clothing) sustained as a result of an assault

Why educators need insurance coverage

While educators are usually covered by their school’s liability policies, those policies will not cover alleged criminal actions and CPS investigations. They may also have exclusions for civil charges such as defamation of character or have policy limits lower than the coverage provided to TCTA members.

Why choose TCTA for that coverage

Professional liability coverage provided by other associations, particularly those that allow administrators to join, often excludes claims brought by another employee.

While eligible TCTA members have professional liability insurance coverage as a benefit, they also have free access to our staff attorneys, who routinely assist members in responding to reprimands by supervisors, claims made by parents, evaluation issues, grievances, contract nonrenewals and terminations, etc.

TCTA also maintains a Teacher Defense Fund to hire attorneys when we determine that a case is more appropriately handled by outside counsel.

TCTA members’ professional liability insurance is provided by a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide®, with an A.M. Best Rating of A+XV (superior).

Coverage by membership level

Coverage does not apply to Retired-level TCTA members. Retired members who work as substitute teachers should join as Associate-level members, and retired members rehired in permanent positions should join as Active-level members.

Student members are covered during the semester or semesters of student teaching for which they have notified the TCTA Membership Department.

Coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the professional liability insurance policy and, with the exception of identity theft coverage, applies only to allegations arising during or as a result of the member’s employment in a position for which an employee is eligible for membership in TCTA.


The coverage included with membership for Active, Associate and Student members is provided by a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide® with an A.M. Best Rating of A+XV (superior). The coverage is provided through a purchasing group, and the insurer may not be subject to all insurance laws and regulations of the state.

TCTA members can click here to see the full policy for 2023-24.