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Contracts & Resignations

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Teacher contracts are governed by Chapter 21 of the Texas Education Code. The definition of “teacher” for purposes of Chapter 21 is a principal, supervisor, classroom teacher, counselor or other full-time professional employee who is required to hold a certificate issued by the State Board for Educator Certification (as well as educational diagnosticians and nurses). The Texas Education Code provides for three basic types of teacher contracts: probationary, continuing and term.

Understanding contract types

Resignation deadline

Be aware: Districts of Innovation may have earlier resignation deadlines

What happens if I resign now?

Understanding resignations for a promotion

TCTA's Take on Resignations

Dohn Larson, TCTA's director of legal services, reviews the laws regarding resignations and debunks several myths in our six-part video series.

Understanding the summer resignation deadline.

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Resigning after the summer resignation deadline.

Watch Part 2

Who can give consent for a resignation after the summer deadline.

Watch Part 3

Deadline for a district to report an educator who resigns to TEA/SBEC.

Watch Part 4

What constitutes good cause for resigning after the summer deadline.

Watch Part 5

Factors SBEC may consider in determining sanctions.

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