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Teacher Designations

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The Teacher Incentive Allotment/local teacher designation system was one of numerous programs in House Bill 3, the comprehensive school finance bill passed in the 86th legislative session in 2019.

There are two main parts to TIA: one is that teachers are identified and paid in part on student growth; another is that teachers who have National Board Certification automatically receive a Recognized rating along with teacher incentive allotment earnings.

Twenty-six districts were approved for the first Cohort (A) to offer teacher designation systems in 2019-20. The program distributed about $40 million to around 3,650 teachers across the state for the 2019-20 school year. More districts started the process of creating local designation systems in 2020-21.

TIA Card

Teacher Incentive Allotment program

Explore the requirements for the TIA program, learn what each designation is worth, and see if your district is among those participating.

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National Board Certification for Teachers

Learn more about the certification process and hear from a TCTA member who earned National Board certification.

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