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TCTA Leadership

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TCTA 2022-23 Executive Board

The TCTA Executive Board comprises 10 members elected to statewide positions. In addition to other duties, these officers coordinate activities in corresponding TCTA departments at headquarters.

The TCTA president-elect is chosen annually by delegates to the Representative Assembly, who are sent to the TCTA Convention as representatives of local CTA affiliates. The president-elect assumes office as president the following year. The president serves as a liaison among the members, elected leaders and staff. He or she is available to attend local affiliate and district functions on behalf of TCTA.

The TCTA president-elect serves as chair of the Communications/Public Relations Committee, and the TCTA immediate past-president is chair of the Student Issues Committee.

Eleanore Malone250

Eleanore Malone

State President
Chapel Hill ISD

Nydia Alvarez Alonzo250

Nydia Alvarez-Alonzo

Mission CISD

Sherry Miller 250

Sherry Miller

Immediate Past President
Killeen ISD

Vivian Burleson2021web

Vivian Burleson

Budget Committee chair
Sherman ISD

Melody Young250

Melody Young

Curriculum & Instruction Committee chair
Sherman ISD

Jennifer Hutchinson250

Jennifer Hutchinson

Governance Committee chair

Cristal Isaacks250

Cristal Isaacks

Legislation Committee chair
Levelland ISD

Debra Helbert250

Debra Helbert

Membership Committee chair
Lamar CISD

Sharron Wood250

Sharron Wood

Professional Rights & Responsibilities Committee chair
Deweyville ISD

Melanie Love250

Melanie Love

Teacher Personal Services Committee chair
Pottsboro ISD

Directors’ Council

TCTA’s Directors’ Council includes statewide elected leaders: the members of the Executive Board (president, president-elect, immediate past-president and TCTA committee chairs) as well as district directors elected from each of TCTA’s 20 districts. To ensure that the composition of the council reflects TCTA’s diverse membership, ethnic minority directors-at-large are elected, if needed, by the voting delegates at the TCTA Annual Convention (the TCTA Representative Assembly).

District directors are available to assist all CTAs within the districts they represent. These directors represent member views at the state level, assist CTAs with membership recruitment and local activities, and keep local leaders apprised of TCTA activities and accomplishments.

Carmen Garza250

Carmen Garza

District 1 Director
Pharr San Juan Alamo ISD

James Garcia250

James Garcia

District 3 Director
Victoria ISD

Dawn Hopkins250

Dawn Hopkins

District 4 Director
Lamar CISD

Keri Hilton250

Keri Hilton

District 5 Director
Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD

Holly Lucas250

Holly Lucas

District 9 Director
Wichita Falls ISD

Mocha Wohlgemuth2022

Mocha Wohlgemuth

District 10 Director
Whitesboro ISD

Omar Esson250

Omar Esson

District 12 Director
Killeen ISD

Natalie Tatsch250

Natalie Tatsch

District 13 Director
Gonzales ISD

Tommy Evans250

Thomas Evans

District 14 Director
Abilene ISD

Brec Espinoza250

Brec Espinoza

District 15 Director
Brownwood ISD

Christina Johnson250

Christina Johnson

District 16 Director
Amarillo ISD

Sandi Hansen250

Sandi Hansen

District 17 Director
Lubbock ISD

Susan Vermillion2022

Susan Vermillion

District 18 Director
Midland ISD

Scott Berkenpas250

Scott Berkenpas

District 19 Director
Socorro ISD

Kim Villarreal2022

Kim Villarreal

District 20 Director
North East ISD

Victor Alonzo2022

Victor Alonzo

Mission CISD

Albert Mosqueda2022

Albert Mosqueda

San Benito ISD

Angela Reyes2022

Angela Reyes

Muleshoe ISD