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FAQs about TCTA

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Why should I join a professional organization?

Just as you wouldn’t drive without auto insurance (you wouldn’t, right?), you shouldn’t set foot in a classroom without the protection that a professional association can provide. No matter how good a teacher you are or how great your district is, it only takes one disciplinary incident, one new principal, or one angry parent to make you realize you need help.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants and other professionals benefit from the services that a professional association provides — and so will you! In addition to legal protection, an association offers you networking and career resources, along with opportunities for leadership and to stay current in your profession.

Why should I join TCTA?

As a Texas educator you have options, but we believe TCTA is the perfect fit for you. You’re not “labor,” you’re a professional, and at TCTA that concept governs the image we project on your behalf and the services we provide to you.

TCTA’s attorneys are the most experienced in the state, our professional liability insurance coverage is comprehensive, and our dues are so affordable that you can cover the cost simply by taking advantage of our discount programs! And, no other association limits its membership to non-administrative classroom professionals — our exclusive focus ensures that we’re always representing YOU.

Some teachers join just for the insurance, and that’s fine. But you may be surprised at how often you’ll want to use our other services.

Thank you, TCTA, for the awesome discount on hotels at choicehotels.com! My amazing boyfriend and I will greatly enjoy our stay in Colorado to see the aspens change.”

J. H.

The Classroom Teacher gives me plenty of updates on education issues, and TCTA has staff attorneys who are only a phone call away — a member doesn’t need permission but can talk to one right away.”

Sherry Miller, Killeen ISD

TCTA helped me navigate through one of the most difficult periods of my life and showed unwavering support and optimism.”

T. Z.

I really appreciate how you make it easy to do business with TCTA. I feel like your kind of work ethic is becoming rare!”

R. V.

I have been in the education field for 13 years and about 2 years ago, one of my co-workers urged me to switch to TCTA. I am so grateful I did! I will forever speak highly of TCTA!”

M. C.

It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s “when” you’re going to need representation, and TCTA has the best representation for teachers.”

Teresa Koehler, past TCTA state president

What type of legal assistance do members receive?

We don’t just work with teachers in trouble. Our TCTA attorneys are here not only to represent teachers in legal situations, but also to answer those “can they do that?” questions.

As a TCTA member, you’ll speak to a licensed, experienced attorney who can assess your situation and recommend options. Your conversation is always protected by attorney-client privilege (that doesn’t happen when you speak to a “union rep” from another association), and we’ll never take action that you haven’t approved.

No other teacher group can match the experience and depth of knowledge of the TCTA legal team. And, if your situation requires a local attorney or one with special expertise, funding can be authorized from our $250,000 Teacher Defense Fund.

How does TCTA keep dues affordable?

As an independent, Texas-only professional association, TCTA keeps your membership dues low by ensuring that your dues dollars are put to good use meeting your needs, not supporting a national union.

State dues

  • First-Time Active members can join for $110 for the first year.

  • Active members renew for $175 per year.

  • Associate members pay $85 per year.

  • Retired members pay $15 per year (no legal or professional liability insurance coverage).

  • Student members join FREE (this is for students in educator preparation programs seeking initial teaching certification).

Local dues

TCTA has about 130 local affiliates that collect dues (ranging from $5 per year to $27 per year) to support local member events and scholarships. If you are in a district with a local affiliate, the local dues will be added to your total owed when you join or renew.

How can I save money as a TCTA member?

You can save more than the cost of your TCTA dues by using the many discount programs available to our members.

Does TCTA really offer free online CPE?

TCTA was the first Texas teacher association to provide free online continuing professional education, and as an SBEC-certified provider we regularly update our offerings to ensure you have the latest information to help you in the classroom.

What kind of information will I receive as a TCTA member?

TCTA's annual Survival Guide is a must-have reference for every Texas educator. It's so comprehensive — covering topics ranging from appraisals to classroom discipline — that some educator preparation programs have made it part of the curriculum! TCTA publications also include The Classroom Teacher, our award-winning quarterly magazine that offers in-depth analyses of issues that matter most to educators. TCTA also offers an email newsletter called the eUpdate, and plenty of opportunities for you to interact with us and your colleagues via social media.

How does TCTA advocate for Texas teachers?

TCTA’s lobby team consistently initiates more successful pro-teacher legislation than any other teacher group, and we’ve been named the top teacher lobby team in Texas for the last 16 years in the Capitol Inside Power Lobby Rankings. Our online advocacy resources include daily Capitol updates during legislative sessions, and the TexasTeachersVote.org website, which includes tools to inform educators heading to the polls.

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