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ACT For TCTA is the political action committee (PAC) of the Texas Classroom Teachers Association and is funded through voluntary donations made by TCTA members.

Why is ACT For TCTA important?

The purpose of the PAC is to further the interests of public education through the political involvement of teachers. Contributions made to this fund are distributed to education-friendly candidates seeking election for a statewide or legislative office, increasing TCTA's input in the political process.

Who decides which candidates receive funds?

The ACT For TCTA Committee is composed of nine educators who are also on the TCTA Directors' Council. The committee considers requests received from the candidates and from TCTA local affiliates.

ACT For TCTA is nonpartisan and has a history of supporting both Democratic and Republican candidates.

What is the benefit of participating in ACT For TCTA?

TCTA benefits by increasing our visibility with candidates and elected officials. Making contributions and attending fundraising events provide us with opportunities to develop a working relationship with candidates and to share our perspectives on education-related issues.

You benefit by helping ensure that pro-education candidates are elected to office, and by demonstrating political involvement.

Supported candidates benefit by raising funds to run effective campaigns.

Your voluntary contribution to this fund is important and every dollar makes a difference. Thank you!

How to support ACT For TCTA