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Texas House candidates

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There are 150 members of the Texas House. Each state representative serves a two-year term.

If you do not know the number of the district in which you reside, you can find it on your voter registration card, or you may look it up here. Click on each candidate's name to find more information, such as campaign websites, social media links, voting records, ACT For TCTA contributions and education group support. TCTA does not endorse candidates; this information is provided to help you be an informed voter.

Texas House District 1Texas House District 2Texas House District 3
Gary VanDeaver (incumbent), RepublicanJill Dutton (incumbent), RepublicanCecil Bell Jr. (incumbent), Republican
Dale Huls, RepublicanKristen Washington, Democrat
Chris Spencer, RepublicanBrent Money, Republican
Texas House District 4Texas House District 5Texas House District 6
Keith Bell (incumbent), RepublicanCole Hefner (incumbent), RepublicanCody Grace, Democrat
Alex Bar-Sela, DemocratDewey Collier, RepublicanDaniel Alders, Republican
Joshua Feuerstein, RepublicanJeff Fletcher, Republican
Texas House District 7Texas House District 8Texas House District 9
Jay Dean (incumbent), RepublicanCody Harris (incumbent), RepublicanTrent Ashby (incumbent), Republican
Marlena Cooper, DemocratCarolyn Salter, DemocratPaulette Carson, Republican
Joe McDaniel, RepublicanJaye Curtis, Republican
Bonnie Walters, Republican
Texas House District 10Texas House District 11Texas House District 12
Brian Harrison (incumbent), RepublicanTravis Clardy (incumbent), RepublicanDee Howard Mullins, Democrat
Joanne Shofner, RepublicanBen Bius, Republican
John Harvey Slocum, Republican
Trey Wharton, Republican
Texas House District 13Texas House District 14Texas House District 15
Angelia Orr (incumbent), RepublicanFred Medina, DemocratSteve Toth (incumbent), Republican
Albert Hunter, DemocratRick Davis, RepublicanSkeeter Hubert, Republican
Paul Dyson, Republican
Texas House District 16Texas House District 17Texas House District 18
Will Metcalf (incumbent), RepublicanStan Gerdes (incumbent), RepublicanErnest Bailes (incumbent), Republican
Mike Midler, DemocratDesiree Venable, DemocratJanis Holt, Republican
Tom Glass, RepublicanStephen A. Missick, Republican
Texas House District 19Texas House District 20Texas House District 21
Ellen Troxclair (incumbent), RepublicanTerry M. Wilson (incumbent), RepublicanDade Phelan (incumbent), Republican
Dwain Handley, DemocratStephen M. Wyman, DemocratDavid Covey, Republican
Zach Vance, DemocratJanine Chapa, RepublicanAlicia Davis, Republican
Kyle Biedermann, Republican
Manny Campos, Republican
Texas House District 22Texas House District 23Texas House District 24
Christian Manuel (incumbent), DemocratTerri Leo Wilson (incumbent), RepublicanGreg Bonnen (incumbent), Republican
Luther Wayne Martin III, DemocratDev Merugumala, DemocratLarissa Ramirez, Republican
Al "Jamie" Price Jr., Democrat
Texas House District 25Texas House District 26Texas House District 27
Cody Thane Vasut (incumbent, Republican)Jacey Jetton (incumbent, Republican)Ron Reynolds (incumbent, Democrat)
Jai Daggett, DemocratDaniel Lee, DemocratRodrigo Carreon, Democrat
Jessica Rose Huang, RepublicanIbifrisolam Max-Alalibo, Republican
Matt Morgan, Republican
Texas House District 28Texas House District 29Texas House District 30
Gary Gates (incumbent), RepublicanAdrienne Bell, DemocratStephanie R. Bassham, Democrat
Nelvin J. Adriatico, DemocratJeffrey Barry, RepublicanBret Baldwin, Republican
Marty Rocha, DemocratAlex Kamkar, RepublicanJeff Bauknight, Republican
Dan Mathews, RepublicanEdgar Pacheco Jr., RepublicanVanessa Hicks-Callaway, Republican
Trent Perez, RepublicanA.J. Louderback, Republican
Texas House District 31Texas House District 32Texas House District 33
Ryan Guillen (incumbent), RepublicanTodd Hunter (incumbent), RepublicanJustin Holland (incumbent), Republican
Cathy McAuliffe, DemocratDennis London, Republican
Katrina Pierson, Republican
Texas House District 34Texas House District 35Texas House District 36
Roland Barrera, DemocratOscar Longoria (incumbent), DemocratSergio Muñoz Jr. (incumbent), Democrat
Solomon P. Ortiz Jr., Democrat
Denise Villalobos, Republican
Texas House District 37Texas House District 38Texas House District 39
Janie Lopez (incumbent), RepublicanErin Elizabeth Gámez (incumbent), DemocratArmando "Mando" Martinez (incumbent), Democrat
Ruben Cortez Jr., Democrat
Jimmie Garcia, Republican
Alex Dominguez, Democrat
Jonathan Gracia, Democrat
Carol Lynn Sanchez, Democrat
Texas House District 40Texas House District 41Texas House District 42
Terry Canales (incumbent), DemocratBobby Guerra (incumbent), DemocratRichard Peña Raymond (incumbent), Democrat

John "Doc" Robert Guerra, Republican
Texas House District 43Texas House District 44Texas House District 45
J.M. Lozano(incumbent), RepublicanJohn Kuempel (incumbent), RepublicanErin Zwiener (incumbent), Democrat
Mariana Casarez, DemocratEric Norman, DemocratChevo Pastrano, Democrat
David Freimarck, RepublicanTennyson Moreno, Republican
Alan Schoolcraft, Republican
Greg Switzer, Republican
Texas House District 46Texas House District 47Texas House District 48
Sheryl Cole (incumbent), DemocratVikki Goodwin (incumbent), DemocratDonna Howard (incumbent), Democrat
Nikki Kosich, RepublicanScott Firsing, Republican
Texas House District 49Texas House District 50Texas House District 51
Gina Hinojosa (incumbent), DemocratJames Talarico (incumbent), DemocratMaria Luisa Flores (incumbent), Democrat
Nathan Boynton, Democrat

Note: Votes can’t be cast in uncontested statewide races, which will be listed separately on the ballot after races with multiple candidates.

Texas House Districts 52-102Texas House Districts 103-150