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Texas House candidates

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There are 150 members of the Texas House. Each state representative serves a two-year term.

If you do not know the number of the district in which you reside, you can find it on your voter registration card, or you may look it up here. Click on each candidate's name to find more information, such as campaign websites, social media links, voting records, ACT For TCTA contributions and education group support. TCTA does not endorse candidates; this information is provided to help you be an informed voter.

Texas House District 52Texas House District 53Texas House District 54
Caroline Harris (incumbent), RepublicanJoe P. Herrera, DemocratBrad Buckley (incumbent), Republican
Jennie Birkholz, DemocratWes Virdell, RepublicanDawn Richardson, Democrat
Texas House District 55Texas House District 56Texas House District 57
Jennifer Lee, DemocratErin Shank, DemocratRichard Hayes (incumbent), Republican
Hillary Hickland, RepublicanPat Curry, RepublicanCollin Johnson, Democrat
Texas House District 58Texas House District 59Texas House District 60
DeWayne Burns (incumbent), Republican*Shelby Slawson, (incumbent), RepublicanMike Olcott, Republican
Helen Kerwin, Republican*Hannah Bohm, Democrat
Texas House District 61Texas House District 62Texas House District 63
Frederick Frazier (incumbent), Republican*Tiffany Drake, DemocratBen Bumgarner (incumbent), Republican
Keresa Richardson, Republican*Shelley Luther, RepublicanMichelle Beckley, Democrat
Tony Adams, Democrat
Texas House District 64Texas House District 65Texas House District 66
Lynn Stucky (incumbent), Republican*Detrick DeBurr, DemocratMatt Shaheen (incumbent), Republican
Andy Hopper, Republican*Mitch Little, RepublicanDavid W. Carstens, Democrat
Angela Brewer, Democrat
Texas House District 67Texas House District 68Texas House District 69
Jeff Leach (incumbent), RepublicanDavid Spiller (incumbent), RepublicanJames Frank (incumbent), Republican
Makala Washington, DemocratStacey Swann, DemocratWalter Coppage, Democrat
Texas House District 70Texas House District 71Texas House District 72
Mihaela Plesa (incumbent), DemocratStan Lambert (incumbent), RepublicanDrew Darby (incumbent), Republican
Steve Kinard, RepublicanLinda Goolsbee, Democrat
Texas House District 73Texas House District 74Texas House District 75
Carrie Isaac (incumbent), RepublicanEddie Morales Jr. (incumbent), DemocratMary E. González (incumbent), Democrat
Sally Duval, DemocratRobert Garza, Republican
Texas House District 76Texas House District 77Texas House District 78
Suleman Lalani (incumbent), DemocratNorma Chávez, Democrat*Joe Moody (incumbent), Democrat
Summara Kanwal, Republican*Vince Perez, Democrat*
Lea C.S. Simmons, Republican*
Texas House District 79Texas House District 80Texas House District 81
Claudia Ordaz (incumbent), DemocratCecilia Castellano, Democrat*Brooks Landgraf (incumbent), Republican
Rosie Cuellar, Democrat*
Don McLaughlin Jr., Republican
Texas House District 82Texas House District 83
Texas House District 84
Tom Craddick (incumbent), RepublicanDustin Burrows (incumbent), RepublicanCarl Tepper (incumbent), Republican
Steven Schafersman, Democrat
Noah Lopez, Democrat
Texas House District 85
Texas House District 86
Texas House District 87
Stan Kitzman (incumbent), RepublicanJohn Smithee (incumbent), RepublicanTimothy W. Gassaway, Democrat

Caroline Fairly, Republican
Texas House District 88
Texas House District 89
Texas House District 90
Ken King (incumbent), RepublicanCandy Noble (incumbent), RepublicanRamon Romero Jr. (incumbent), Democrat

Darrel Evans, Democrat
Texas House District 91
Texas House District 92
Texas House District 93
Stephanie Klick (incumbent), Republican*Salman Bhojani (incumbent), DemocratNate Schatzline (incumbent), Republican
David Lowe, Republican*Perla Bojorquez, Democrat
Texas House District 94
Texas House District 95
Texas House District 96
Tony Tinderholt (incumbent), RepublicanNicole Collier (incumbent), DemocratDavid Cook (incumbent), Republican
Denise Wilkerson, Democrat
Ebony Turner, Democrat
Texas House District 97
Texas House District 98
Texas House District 99
Diane Symons, Democrat*Giovanni Capriglione (incumbent), RepublicanCharlie Geren (incumbent), Republican
Carlos Walker, Democrat*Scott Bryan White, DemocratMimi Coffey, Democrat
Cheryl Bean, Republican*

John McQueeney, Republican*
Texas House District 100
Texas House District 101
Texas House District 102
Venton Jones (incumbent), DemocratChris Turner (incumbent), DemocratAna-Maria Ramos (incumbent), Democrat

Clint Burgess, Republican

*Candidates advance to a runoff on May 28 after no one secured more than 50% of the March 5 primary votes.

Note: Votes can’t be cast in uncontested statewide races, which will be listed separately on the ballot after races with multiple candidates.

Texas House Districts 1-51Texas House Districts 103-150