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Updates from the Capitol

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During legislative sessions, TCTA's top-ranked lobby team is at the Texas Capitol every day, working on behalf of Texas teachers and other classroom professionals. Our lobbyists carefully monitor and testify on legislation that could affect TCTA members and provide daily reports on legislative action. These updates are provided below and compiled and emailed weekly via the TCTA eUpdate newsletter.

Bills passing House, Senate include stronger commissioner proposal

May 4, 2021

SB 1365 by Sen. Paul Bettencourt passed the Senate on an initial vote Tuesday. The bill strengthens the authority of the commissioner of education…

Budget bill, TRS Sunset bill, and others on the move

Apr 29, 2021

The culling of bills has begun, as House committees wind down their activity on House bills and will begin to focus on legislation coming over from…

TCTA supports bill streamlining teacher training requirements

Apr 7, 2021

The House Public Education Committee held its longest meeting of the session so far, hearing nearly 40 bills in a 12-hour period. All bills were left…

House passes bills helping certain students, teachers from out of state

Mar 31, 2021

Two bills affecting education tentatively passed the House Wednesday. A final vote will be taken Thursday, and the bills will then move to the Senate.

House Pub Ed votes out seven bills

Mar 23, 2021

The House Public Education Committee voted out six of the bills that were heard last week, and one from the week before.