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House Pub Ed votes out seven bills

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The House Public Education Committee voted out six of the bills that were heard last week, and one from the week before. The bills that will move forward are:

  • HB 129 by Rep. Mary Gonzalez (creating a digital citizenship curriculum)
  • HB 159 by Gonzalez (relating to educator preparation programs and training regarding students with disabilities)
  • HB 699 by Rep. Jon Rosenthal (providing excused absences, and exemption from the 90% attendance rule, for students who miss school due to life-threatening illness or related treatments)
  • HB 725 by Rep. Jared Patterson (adding students who were in foster care in a different state and now reside in Texas to those who are eligible for prekindergarten) – TCTA supported
  • HB 785 by Rep. Alma Allen (requiring the annual review of a student’s behavioral improvement plan)
  • HB 1080 by Rep. Jared Patterson (prohibiting UIL from excluding students who receive outpatient mental health services from UIL activities) – TCTA supported
  • HB 1114 by Rep. Shawn Thierry (adding mental health services to the list of services that can be provided by a school-based health center) – TCTA supported
  • HB 1603 by Rep. Dan Huberty (removing the expiration date for the individual graduation committees) – TCTA supported

The bills will now move to a calendars committee for possible placement on an upcoming House calendar.