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Gavel, law books and scales of justice

Legal Updates

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Issues related to public school employment and students sometimes must be resolved above the campus or district levels. Some cases go to the Texas commissioner of education or State Board for Educator Certification; others are decided by the courts. TCTA reports on cases of interest in our emailed eUpdate newsletter. You'll also find those reports below.

Evidence supports teacher's resignation for good cause

Jan 20, 2022

At a hearing, an administrative law judge determined that a teacher had good cause to resign from her contract.

Understanding student discipline laws

Dec 17, 2021

Student behavior is a growing problem, and TCTA attorneys say it has never been this difficult for members to get effective administrative help with…

Parent sues, claims district failed to accommodate student's learning disabilities

Dec 2, 2021

A parent of an 11th grader sued a school district, alleging that it failed to identify and accommodate the student's disabilities.

Court sides with parents of students with disabilities in lawsuit over masks in schools

Nov 18, 2021

A district court ruled that GA-38 conflicts with the ADA and Section 504 because it excludes disabled children from participating in and denies them…

Superintendent sued over fundraising dispute

Nov 4, 2021

A school superintendent was sued following a dispute over fundraising efforts to purchase animals at a FFA auction. He requested that the lawsuit be…

Teacher faces sanctions for bringing gun on campus

Oct 14, 2021

A complaint was filed with SBEC alleging that a teacher's certification was subject to sanctions for carrying a firearm on school grounds.

Complaint alleges teacher provided inappropriate assistance to students during STAAR tests

Oct 1, 2021

A complaint was filed with SBEC, alleging that a teacher's certification was subject to sanctions because the teacher had provided prohibited…

Teacher invokes disability in appeal after district terminates his contract

Sep 16, 2021

A teacher's contract was terminated by his school district. The teacher filed an appeal to the commissioner of education, arguing that the…

Teacher gets four years in prison for improper relationship with student

Aug 27, 2021

A Texas teacher was indicted for the offense of improper relationship between an educator and a student. After pleading guilty, he was sentenced to…

Registrar sues former district, citing discrimination over disability

Aug 12, 2021

A registrar sued her former school district, arguing that it had failed to provide reasonable accommodations to her and discriminated against her…