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Gavel, law books and scales of justice

Legal Updates

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Issues related to public school employment and students sometimes must be resolved above the campus or district levels. Some cases go to the Texas commissioner of education or State Board for Educator Certification; others are decided by the courts. TCTA reports on cases of interest in our emailed eUpdate newsletter. You'll also find those reports below.

Parent sues under IDEA after child brings weapon to school

Mar 7, 2024

A parent sued a school district under IDEA on behalf of her child, a 13-year-old seventh grader with special needs, after the student was placed in a…

Student sues, claims district failed to accommodate special needs in IEP

Nov 30, 2023

A student sued a school district, alleging that it failed to accommodate her disabilities under the ADA.

Parent sues after school resource officer tases her son

Sep 7, 2023

A parent filed a lawsuit after a school resource officer tased her son while attempting to prevent him from exiting the school building.

Supreme Court says student can sue district for ADA violations

Mar 31, 2023

The U.S. States Supreme Court has ruled that a special education student is not limited to a due process complaint under IDEA and can sue a school…

Parents file complaints against districts over special education evaluation

Sep 22, 2022

Parents filed due process complaints against Houston and Pearland ISDs in June 2017, arguing that the districts failed to evaluate their child for…

Parent sues district over child's special education placement

May 12, 2022

The parent of an elementary school student sued a school district, alleging that the district failed to provide appropriate special education…

Parent sues, claims district failed to accommodate student's learning disabilities

Dec 2, 2021

A parent of an 11th grader sued a school district, alleging that it failed to identify and accommodate the student's disabilities.

Parents' request for video recordings from child's classroom denied

Jul 15, 2021

A student filed a complaint with the Texas Education Agency, alleging that a school district failed to comply with the Individuals With Disabilities…

Parents file suit over treatment of child in special education

Dec 11, 2020

Parents sued a school district following an incident with their child. At the time of the incident, the child was 10 and diagnosed with autism…