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Updates from the Capitol

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During legislative sessions, TCTA's top-ranked lobby team is at the Texas Capitol every day, working on behalf of Texas teachers and other classroom professionals. Our lobbyists carefully monitor and testify on legislation that could affect TCTA members and provide daily reports on legislative action. These updates are provided below and compiled and emailed weekly via the TCTA eUpdate newsletter.

House, Senate feuding over property tax relief

Jun 1, 2023

While the House and Senate are feuding over property tax legislation this week, education remains on the back burner.

Teacher salaries, school funding still undetermined in last days of session

May 26, 2023

Overview: increased school funding and teacher salaries in jeopardy

Major bill update

May 26, 2023

Update on bills of interest, as of Friday morning, May 26

Major education bill dies in House

May 24, 2023

SB 9 gets funding boost, before dying in House.

Senate springs another voucher surprise

May 22, 2023

In a surprise move late Sunday, the Senate suspended rules to post a meeting of the Senate Education Committee for Monday morning at 8:30 to consider…

Revised school safety bill removes requirement that every campus have armed security

May 12, 2023

The Senate Education Committee hearing included the school safety legislation and one of the House's teacher bills.

Where are teacher salary increases?

May 11, 2023

As the Legislature enters the final weeks of session, the options currently on the table are far from satisfactory.

Casino gaming bill, with revenue to benefit teacher salaries and benefits, on the House floor this week

May 11, 2023

A bill proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize casino gambling statewide, with 80% of tax revenues dedicated to teacher salaries and…

House approves teacher pay, retention bills

Apr 26, 2023

Wednesday’s House floor debate included the two major teacher bills from the House, HB 11 (Rep. Harold Dutton) and HB 100 (Rep. Ken King).

Voucher day in House Public Education Committee

Apr 12, 2023

While the education community had a big win last week on the Herrero amendment to the budget, the battle is certainly not over and House leadership…