TRS-Care premiums will not increase for 2019 | TCTA
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TRS-Care premiums will not increase for 2019

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The TRS Board of Trustees opted not to increase retiree premiums for TRS-Care at the board's September 2018 meeting.

When legislation passed in 2017 to restructure TRS-Care, the state's level of funding for the program was based on projections that premiums for pre-65 retirees would increase by $50 per year over the next few years. However, in large part due to vocal objections from retirees about the many changes to benefits and significant cost increases, lawmakers asked TRS trustees not to adopt a premium increase for 2019. This request was accompanied by assertions that the state would provide adequate funding next session to keep the program solvent.

During the board's discussion, trustees noted that if the legislature fails to appropriately fund TRS-Care, the board will have to increase premiums or adjust benefits the following year (or both). Retirees and active members should continue discussions with their state senators and representatives throughout the session about the importance of TRS-Care and the need for additional state funding.