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New poll highlights why many Texas teachers are considering quitting

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Texas teachers report deep frustrations with insufficient pay, difficult working conditions and a lack of support from their administrators, communities and policymakers, according to the 2022 Texas Teacher Poll released Sept. 8 by the Charles Butt Foundation.

Among the surveyed teachers, 77% had seriously considered leaving the profession — a marked 19-point increase since 2020 — and 93% of those respondents had taken steps in the past year to do so, such as preparing resumes or interviewing for another position.

“While these data reveal a concerning future for our public schools, we also find that our Texas teacher workforce is extremely motivated and dedicated, driven by a desire to make a difference and help students reach their full potential,” the pollsters wrote. “This dedication is challenged by inadequate pay, an untenable workload, feeling unvalued and uninvolved in decision-making, and a lack of resources and supports teachers need to succeed at their job.”

The poll suggests that a “significant salary increase” will be key to keeping qualified teachers in the classroom along with “maximizing retirement benefits” and schedule changes to provide more time for planning and time off.

Among the most positive aspects of the job, the teachers noted solidarity with their colleagues as well as strong relationships with their students.

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