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HB 4545 revived, passes House on initial vote

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HB 4545 by Rep. Harold Dutton refused to give up the ghost earlier this week when it was voted down 68-72 over concerns raised by school districts and others in the education community. One of the most objectionable provisions, which would have provided bonuses to districts based on standardized test performance, was removed through a floor amendment, but legislators continued to be concerned about remaining provisions and the possibility for worse to be added in the Senate.

The bill also included language giving the commissioner broad authority over district operations in some circumstances.

After the vote, a legislator made a parliamentary maneuver that temporarily kept the bill alive. Thursday morning it returned to the floor and passed 82-62. As part of the discussion, bill author Harold Dutton, chair of the House Public Education Committee, agreed to defend the bill against Senate actions that would restore the provisions causing concern.

HB 4545 is subject to a final House vote before moving to the Senate.