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Texas Senate candidates

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If you do not know the number of the district in which you reside, you can find it on your voter registration card, or you may look it up here. Click on each candidate's name to find more information, such as campaign websites, social media links, voting records, ACT For TCTA contributions and education group support. TCTA does not endorse candidates; this information is provided to help you be an informed voter.

Texas Senate District 1Texas Senate District 2Texas Senate District 3
Bryan Hughes (incumbent), RepublicanBob Hall (incumbent), Republican
Robert Nichols (incumbent), Republican
Prince Giadolor, Democrat
Steve Russell, Democrat
Desarae Lindsey, Libertarian
Texas Senate District 4Texas Senate District 5Texas Senate District 6
Brandon Creighton (incumbent), RepublicanCharles Schwertner (incumbent), RepublicanCarol Alvarado (incumbent), Democrat
Misty Bishop, DemocratTommy Estes, Libertarian
Texas Senate District 7Texas Senate District 8Texas Senate District 9
Paul Bettencourt (incumbent), RepublicanAngela Paxton (incumbent), RepublicanKelly Hancock (incumbent), Republican

Jonathan Cocks, DemocratGwenn Burud, Democrat
Ed Kless, Libertarian
Texas Senate District 10Texas Senate District 11Texas Senate District 12
Phil King, RepublicanMayes Middleton, RepublicanTan Parker, Republican
Francine Ly, Democrat
Texas Senate District 13Texas Senate District 14Texas Senate District 15
Borris Miles (incumbent), DemocratSarah Eckhardt (incumbent), DemocratGeorge Brian Vachris, Republican
Steven Haskett, LibertarianJohn Whitmire (incumbent), Democrat
Texas Senate District 16Texas Senate District 17Texas Senate District 18
Brandon Copeland, RepublicanJoan Huffman (incumbent), RepublicanLois Kolkhorst (incumbent), Republican
Nathan Johnson (incumbent), DemocratTitus Benton, DemocratJosh Tutt, Democrat
Texas Senate District 19Texas Senate District 20Texas Senate District 21
Robert Garza, RepublicanWestley Wright, RepublicanJulie Dahlberg, Republican
Roland Gutierrez (incumbent), DemocratJuan (Chuy) Hinojosa (incumbent), DemocratJudith Zaffirini (incumbent), Democrat
Arthur DiBianca, Libertarian
Texas Senate District 22Texas Senate District 23Texas Senate District 24
Brian Birdwell (incumbent), RepublicanRoyce West (incumbent), DemocratPete Flores, Republican
Jeremy Schroppel, LibertarianKathy Jones-Hospod, Democrat
Texas Senate District 25Texas Senate District 26Texas Senate District 27
Donna Campbell (incumbent), RepublicanAshton Murray, RepublicanAdam Hinojosa, Republican
Robert Walsh, DemocratJose Menendez (incumbent), DemocratMorgan LaMantia, Democrat
Texas Senate District 28Texas Senate District 29
Charles Perry (incumbent), RepublicanDerek Zubeldia, Republican
Cesar J. Blanco (incumbent), Democrat
Texas Senate District 30Texas Senate District 31
Drew Springer (incumbent), RepublicanKevin Sparks, Republican

Note: Votes can’t be cast in uncontested statewide races, which will be listed separately on the ballot after races with multiple candidates.