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Texas Senate candidates

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In the 31-member Texas Senate, only 15 seats are up for election in 2024. Those candidates appear in the table below.

If you do not know the number of the district in which you reside, you can find it on your voter registration card, or you may look it up here. Click on each candidate's name to find more information, such as campaign websites, social media links, voting records, ACT For TCTA contributions and education group support. TCTA does not endorse candidates; this information is provided to help you be an informed voter.

Texas Senate District 6Texas Senate District 7Texas Senate District 8
Carol Alvarado (incumbent), DemocratPaul Bettencourt (incumbent), RepublicanAngela Paxton (incumbent), Republican
Martha Fierro, RepublicanMichelle Gwinn, DemocratRachel Mello, Democrat
Texas Senate District 10Texas Senate District 12Texas Senate District 14
Phil King (incumbent), Republican
Tan Parker (incumbent), Republican
Sarah Eckhardt (incumbent), Democrat
Andy Morris, DemocratStephanie Draper, Democrat
Texas Senate District 15Texas Senate District 16Texas Senate District 17
Molly Cook, Democrat*Nathan Johnson (incumbent), DemocratJoan Huffman (incumbent), Republican
Jarvis D. Johnson, Democrat*Kathy Cheng, Republican
Joseph L. Trahan, Republican
Texas Senate District 20Texas Senate District 23Texas Senate District 25
Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (incumbent), DemocratRoyce West (incumbent), DemocratDonna Campbell (incumbent), Republican

Merrie Fox, Democrat
Texas Senate District 27Texas Senate District 29Texas Senate District 30
Morgan LaMantia (incumbent), DemocratCésar J. Blanco (incumbent), DemocratMichael Braxton, Democrat*
Adam Hinojosa, Republican
Dale Frey, Democrat*
Brent Hagenbuch, Republican*
Jace Yarbrough, Republican*

*Candidates advance to a runoff on May 28 after no one secured more than 50% of the March 5 primary votes.

Note: Votes can’t be cast in uncontested statewide races, which will be listed separately on the ballot after races with multiple candidates.