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State Board of Education candidates

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There are 15 districts within the State Board of Education, which sets curriculum and chooses textbooks for Texas public schools. Only 7 are up for election this year. Only one incumbent, Melissa Ortega in District 1, decided not to seek reelection.

If you do not know the number of the district in which you reside, you can find it on your voter registration card, or you may look it up here. Click on each candidate's name to find more information, such as campaign websites, social media links, voting records, ACT For TCTA contributions and education group support. TCTA does not endorse candidates; this information is provided to help you be an informed voter.

SBOE District 1SBOE District 3SBOE District 4
Gustavo Reveles, DemocratMarisa B. Perez-Diaz (incumbent), DemocratStaci Childs (incumbent), Democrat
Michael "Travis" Stevens, Republican
SBOE District 10SBOE District 11
Tom Maynard (incumbent), RepublicanPatricia Hardy (incumbent), Republican
Daniel "DC" Caldwell*, Democrat and RepublicanRayna Glasser, Democrat
Raquel Saenz Ortiz, DemocratBrandon Hall, Republican
Mary Bone, Republican
SBOE District 12SBOE District 15
Pam Little (incumbent), RepublicanAaron Kinsey (incumbent), Republican
George King, DemocratMorgan Kirkpatrick, Democrat
Chad Green, Republican
Jamie Kohlmann, Republican
Matt Rostami, Republican

*Note: Caldwell is running in both the Republican and Democratic primaries in SBOE District 10. If he wins either primary, he is ineligible for the general election under Texas law.

Note: Votes can’t be cast in uncontested statewide races, which will be listed separately on the ballot after races with multiple candidates.