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TRS considers emergency rule allowing retirees to teach full-time summer school

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The TRS Board of Trustees has adopted an emergency rule that would allow retirees to return to work this summer up to full time to help districts staff summer school.

Learning disruptions due to COVID-19 have school administrators anticipating high enrollment in summer school classes. Several approached their legislators, noting that teachers are exhausted from the difficult school year and many are not planning to teach summer school.

Legislators on the House Appropriations Committee asked TRS to help, and TRS agreed to consider an emergency rule that will include retirees teaching summer school (between June 1 and Aug. 31) in the definition of “substitute” — only for the summer of 2021. This will allow them to return full-time without jeopardizing their TRS pension checks.

The TRS Policy Committee took up the rule Wednesday and recommended its approval by the full Board; the Board approved the rule at its Friday meeting.