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How to calculate your standard TRS benefit

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To calculate TRS retirement benefits, use the following formula:

  1. Multiply your years of service credit by 2.3%. (Example: if you have 30 years of service credit in TRS, 30 x 2.3 = 69%.)
  2. Determine the average of your five highest years of salary.*
  3. Multiply your average salary (from step 2) by the number from step 1. This is your annual TRS standard annuity. (Example: $60,000 x 69%. This person’s standard annuity would be $41,400 per year.)

*An individual who, as a TRS member on Aug. 31, 2005, was at least 50 years old, or met the Rule of 70, or had at least 25 years of service credit should use the three highest years of salary for this calculation.

Note the exceptions listed here that describe reductions in the standard annuity based on standard age at retirement.

If you have questions about your TRS benefits, call 1-800-223-8778 or visit the TRS website.