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Political activity/professional associations and payroll deduction of dues

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Teachers may not be prohibited from participating in political affairs in the community, state or nation. Teachers also continue to have the right to join or to refuse to join any professional association, and a school board member or administrator may not directly or indirectly require or coerce a teacher to join any group, club, committee, organization or association.

On an employee’s request, a school district must provide payroll deduction of professional dues in the amount and the number of pay periods the employee specifies. Under state law, the deductions must be made until the employee requests in writing that they be discontinued. The district may charge an administrative fee, but it cannot be greater than the actual administrative cost or the lowest fee the district charges for similar salary deductions, whichever is less.

The attorney general has issued an opinion that says school districts do not have the authority to use payroll deductions to collect political action committee contributions. Although the opinion is advisory only, some districts refuse to accept payroll deductions that include political action committee contributions. TCTA members may make contributions to our political action committee, ACT For TCTA, by check or credit card. Click here or call 888-879-8282.