TEA announces training for new T-TESS Alternate Domain I | TCTA
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TEA announces training for new T-TESS Alternate Domain I

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TEA developed an optional Alternate Domain 1 for T-TESS to address the shift in teacher responsibilities from lesson planning to lesson internalization for those school districts using high-quality instructional materials, the adoption of which is encouraged by House Bill 1605 (read more here). Among the common components of high-quality instructional materials are prewritten weekly and unit lesson plans, which prompted TEA to pursue several initiatives that reflect a new emphasis on lesson internalization and evaluation of instructional materials as opposed to lesson design. 

Those initiatives included the development of an Alternate Domain I for T-TESS, which is optional for districts to use, and is scheduled to go into effect for the 2024-25 school year. Alternate Domain 1 was incorporated into TEA rules regarding teacher appraisal in the fall of 2023.

To prepare for implementation of Alternate Domain 1, TEA recently announced the availability of appraiser training sessions, requiring districts that wish to use Alternate Domain 1 for 2024-25 to ensure that appraisers have completed the training prior to the start of teacher evaluations.

TCTA was involved in the process of developing Alternate Domain 1 and will continue to work to ensure that it is used accurately and appropriately as it is implemented.