TCTA appreciates extra state funding for TRS-ActiveCare | TCTA
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TCTA appreciates extra state funding for TRS-ActiveCare

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TCTA released the following statement as the TRS Board of Trustees prepared to set ActiveCare premiums for the 2022-23 school year during its April 28 meeting.

The Texas Classroom Teachers Association thanks Gov. Greg Abbott and other state leaders for committing to $435 million in additional funding for TRS-ActiveCare, the state’s school employee health insurance program, for the upcoming school year. Without this help, many educators would likely have concluded that they simply could not afford to keep teaching given the stagnant pay and ever-rising costs.

The additional one-time funding ensures base premiums will not increase for any employees during the next school year, and in some parts of the state, employees will even benefit from rate decreases.

Teachers have been hit hard by the pandemic, both personally and professionally. As state leaders work in the coming months to address the teacher shortage, compensation issues — including a more permanent solution for unaffordable health insurance — must be a crucial component of the solution.