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SB 4310 allows teachers to deviate from scope and sequence to ensure students grasp concepts

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Your students are having a hard time grasping a key concept, but your administration has required teachers to follow a specific scope and sequence of instruction. You know that your class needs more time — what can you do?

Thanks to a new law passed in the 2019 session (HB 4310), districts are now required to offer sufficient time for teachers to provide instruction in the TEKS, and can’t penalize a teacher for not following a recommended scope and sequence for a subject in the required curriculum based on the teacher’s determination that students need more or less time to demonstrate proficiency.

TCTA attorneys have talked to many members regarding the expectation that they will teach the same material on the same day in the same sequence using the same activities as other grade level or subject matter colleagues. Deviations from the plan would be reflected in the teacher’s appraisal.

Teachers argued that the directive denied them the opportunity to reteach parts of a current lesson or reteach something the students should have learned in a previous course, all to the detriment of the students.

Lawmakers agreed, and the bill passed with only a handful of “no” votes.

TCTA members with questions about the new law can contact the TCTA Legal Department at 888-879-8282.