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SB 2073 reduces teacher contract days

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Your district took advantage of the “days-to-minutes” switch to implement longer school days and cut the number of instructional days. So why do you still have to work 187 contract days?

You don’t — at least not under state law. A TCTA-initiated bill passed this year to ensure that if your district reduces its number of instructional days, it now has the ability to decrease your required workdays proportionately, with no reduction in salary.

This new law takes on additional significance as a handful of districts have begun moving to a four-day instructional week. Four-day districts handle the “off” day in different ways. Some still require teachers to work on that day, but SB 2073 now provides flexibility in determining teacher schedules.

If your district has reduced its instructional days but still requires teachers to work 187 days, make sure your administration is aware of SB 2073. Depending on the specific terms of your contract, it’s possible that a change could be made in time to affect the number of non-instructional days for the current school year. TCTA members can call the TCTA legal department at 888-879-8282 with any questions.