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Latest Education News

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TCTA follows and compiles the latest news impacting teachers and other classroom personnel. We actively monitor and bring you the latest information from the Texas Education Agency, the State Board of Education, the State Board for Educator Certification, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and the U.S. Department of Education. We also include summaries of the latest news in the TCTA eUpdate newsletter.

TRS to send supplemental checks to retirees on Jan. 14

Jan 7, 2022

TRS will issue supplemental checks to eligible retirees on Friday, Jan. 14.

TCTA works to reduce required teacher training through SB 1267

Dec 17, 2021

Teachers don’t have enough time. Every session, TCTA works with legislators to reduce or mitigate some training demands on teachers. The latest…

Addressing controversy and ensuring accuracy under SB 3

Dec 17, 2021

'Critical race theory' law has teachers concerned about classroom discussions. Here's how you can comply.

TRS changes employment after retirement rules

Dec 17, 2021

Several laws governing employment after retirement were revised during the 2021 legislative session, generally in favor of retirees.

TEA fined $33.3 million for failure to comply with IDEA

Dec 17, 2021

After several years of back and forth between TEA and the U.S. Department of Education regarding special education accommodations, TEA was recently…

National Board-certified teachers must update info by Jan. 31

Dec 17, 2021

National Board-certified teachers must update their directory information to show their employment in a Texas public school by Jan. 31.

TCTA affirms draft SBEC rules reducing and limiting mandatory CPE topics

Dec 9, 2021

TCTA testified in support of draft rules presented to the State Board for Certification at its December meeting that reduce the number of mandatory…

TRS Board briefed on major retirement and health insurance issues

Dec 9, 2021

For the first time in its history, the market value of the TRS pension fund is more than $200 billion.

SBOE approves revised K-8 Science TEKS, OKs some health materials

Nov 18, 2021

At its November meeting, the State Board of Education completed final amendments to the new K-8 Science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.