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New poll finds strong support for Texas teachers

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Texans trust teachers most — more than principals, district administrators, school boards and state elected officials — to do what’s best for students, according to the annual Charles Butt Foundation poll released this week.

“When Texans are asked how much they trust various groups to make decisions that are in the best interests of public school students, teachers are rated the highest, trusted a great deal or good amount by seven in 10 Texans,” the foundation reported. “It’s six in 10 for school principals, dropping to about four in 10 for local school boards and district administrators alike and falling further, to 24%, for state elected officials.”

Most respondents also recognized that teachers face significant obstacles, such as an over-reliance on student standardized test scores and too many administrative burdens, and said they deserve better pay and appreciation.

The poll examines attitudes about public education and covers a broad array of education issues, including equity barriers, testing and accountability and the school funding.

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