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13th check, virtual instruction bills pass House on initial vote

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At around 10:15 Friday night, the Texas House voted unanimously to pass SB 7, the legislation to provide retirees with a bonus check in the amount of their normal monthly check, but no higher than $2,400. The Senate had already passed the bill and the House made no changes, so after a final vote (which should be a formality) SB 7 will go directly to Gov. Abbott.

The House also passed SB 15 on a vote of 115-3. The bill will allow districts to provide limited virtual instruction while receiving full state funding. TCTA will provide more details when we have thoroughly reviewed amendments that passed on the House floor. After its final vote, SB 15 will return to the Senate, which could approve the House amendments or reject them, leading to a conference committee to negotiate the differences.

The House will next meet Monday afternoon and is expected to take the final votes on SB 7 and SB 15 at that time.