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Special session set for July 8

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Gov. Greg Abbott said lawmakers will return to Austin on July 8 for a special session. His office has yet to release details about which items will be on the agenda, but Abbott previously said he plans to ask lawmakers to address bills on election integrity and bail reform that died in the final hours of the regular legislative session. Abbott also indicated interest in further restricting the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

The special session will begin with tension over the governor’s veto of funding for the legislature and their staff effective Sept. 1, a move that is currently in litigation. There is the possibility of more than one special session, as Abbott has previously noted that he plans to add items to the call one at a time, requiring legislators to address a topic before he will add another. At least one additional special session will be necessary in the fall, after the state receives federal census data needed to accomplish the required redistricting process.

Once Abbott formally announces the special session topic(s), prefiling of legislation can begin. TCTA will provide updates for any education issues that arise.