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Second special session underway

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The first special session of 2021 ended on Friday, August 6, with no bills passing – the lack of a quorum in the House stymied final action on any legislation in that chamber.

Gov. Abbott called a second special session to begin on Saturday and, as in the first special, the Senate started moving bills immediately. Senators suspended rules to allow for committee hearings Saturday on bills including SB 2, which addresses how transgender students participate in UIL athletic competitions, and SB 7 (check), the TRS 13th check bill.

The House continued to be unable to conduct business because enough Democrats have stayed away that a quorum, requiring that 100 legislators be present, is not possible. Though some House Democrats have returned to the state and the House is rumored to reach a quorum soon, so far it has not been able to reach the 100-member requirement.