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Retiree benefits survive rough session, special session(s) anticipated on several issues

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Before the House and Senate both adjourned "sine die" on the last day of the regular legislative session Monday, they took care of at least one important piece of business - both chambers unanimously approved retiree benefit increases, and the two necessary bills are on their way to the governor.

School funding and teacher pay raises were among the victims of this very contentious session, along with other issues such as property tax relief that were prioritized by Gov. Greg Abbott. Speculation in Austin is that Abbott will call a special session very soon to deal with at least some of the issues; the governor controls the topics on the agenda for the 30-day special session.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sent a letter to Abbott outlining the priority issues that did not survive the session that he believes should be included in the "call" for a special session. Those issues include teacher pay raises as well as other education-related topics, and, "on your time schedule," school choice (vouchers). (It has been rumored that Abbott would wait until September for a special session to address vouchers.)