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Pensions Committee hears bills on TRS-Care study, return-to-work bus drivers

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The House Pensions, Investments and Financial Services Committee heard three bills related to TRS issues on Wednesday.

TCTA supported HB 1552 by Rep. Trent Ashby, a proposal to eliminate the surcharge paid by districts (and usually passed along to the employees) for retirees who return to work as bus drivers. The bill is an attempt to help school districts recruit bus drivers, and would benefit both the retiree and the district by removing the current financial disincentive.

The committee also heard HB 1461 by Rep. Tan Parker, which would require TRS to conduct a study on whether retiree health insurance could be improved by implementing a program involving the use of health reimbursement accounts in conjunction with marketplace Medicare plans. After working with TCTA and others to address concerns, Rep. Parker submitted a substitute bill that provides a mechanism for required stakeholder input, and removes a requirement that TRS must implement any study recommendations that did not require legislative action. TCTA appreciates the Rep. Parker and his staff for working with us on these revisions.

HB 1342 by Rep. Jeff Leach would require TRS to provide information to districts regarding their claims experience and costs under ActiveCare.

All the bills were left pending.