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Patrick reveals priority issues

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Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick released his priorities for the legislative session, describing them as “designed to protect taxpayers and the Texas economy as it rebuilds following the pandemic and to secure Texas’ future….”

Low bill numbers are reserved for priority legislation, and the issues in Patrick’s list will occupy bill numbers SB 1 through SB 31. Two of the bills (SB 27 and 28) are education related, with SB 27 devoted to expanding virtual learning options, and SB 28 titled the “Charter School Equity Act”. SB 10, to stop taxpayer-funded lobbying, would not have a direct impact on teacher associations, but could curb the ability of school districts to spend public funds on lobbying. Other issues range from the “Star Spangled Banner Protection Act” to protections on trucking, Second Amendment and abortion legislation, and power grid stability.

Only a few of the priority bills, which also include the state budget (SB 1) have been filed to date.