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Updates from the Capitol

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During legislative sessions, TCTA's top-ranked lobby team is at the Texas Capitol every day, working on behalf of Texas teachers and other classroom professionals. Our lobbyists carefully monitor and testify on legislation that could affect TCTA members and provide daily reports on legislative action. These updates are provided below and compiled and emailed weekly via the TCTA eUpdate newsletter.

Budget now through House and Senate

Apr 17, 2023

The Legislature's only "must" bill, the state budget for the upcoming two fiscal years, has now passed both the House and the Senate - but…

Some bills that might help

Apr 13, 2023

We are starting to see progress on proposals designed to help ease the burdens on teachers.

TCTA discipline bill heard in Senate Education meeting

Apr 12, 2023

SB 245, a major student discipline bill initiated by TCTA in conjunction with Sen. Charles Perry, was heard in Wednesday’s Senate Education Committee…

Voucher day in House Public Education Committee

Apr 12, 2023

While the education community had a big win last week on the Herrero amendment to the budget, the battle is certainly not over and House leadership…

School safety bills continue moving

Apr 11, 2023

A few key school safety bills, including a proposal to require an armed security officer at every campus, and other requiring panic alert devices in…

Discipline and mental health bills dominate Youth Health and Safety hearing agenda

Apr 10, 2023

Although the House Select Committee on Youth Health and Safety is not limited to considering bills that address behavior of students, roughly half of…

Senate passes voucher proposal

Apr 6, 2023

The Texas Senate approved SB 8, creating an education savings account program, Thursday evening by a vote of 18-13. Education savings accounts (ESAs)…

Thursday bills include state budget, teacher salaries, vouchers

Apr 6, 2023

Thursday is a big day at the Capitol as the House debates the state budget and proposed amendments, while the Senate takes up two priority bills:…

Senate passes salary bill

Apr 6, 2023

The Senate completed its debate and amendments on SB 9 Thursday afternoon. Senate Bill 9 includes provisions for a $2,000 salary increase for…

Ban on 4-day weeks considered in Senate Ed hearing

Apr 6, 2023

The Senate Education Committee met Wednesday to hear several bills, including a priority school safety proposal and a ban on 4-day school weeks. The…