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Updates from the Capitol

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During legislative sessions, TCTA's top-ranked lobby team is at the Texas Capitol every day, working on behalf of Texas teachers and other classroom professionals. Our lobbyists carefully monitor and testify on legislation that could affect TCTA members and provide daily reports on legislative action. These updates are provided below and compiled and emailed weekly via the TCTA eUpdate newsletter.

Second special session underway

Aug 9, 2021

The first special session of 2021 ended on Friday, August 6, with no bills passing – the lack of a quorum in the House stymied final action on any…

Legislative staff funding complicates political standoff

Jul 29, 2021

Gov. Abbott line-item-vetoed the section of the state budget that funds the legislative branch. More than 2,100 legislative aides and staff of…

House and Senate still in limbo

Jul 26, 2021

The legislature has been stalled since shortly after the beginning of the special session, when House Democrats left the state in order to block…

Senate passes 13th check proposal

Jul 13, 2021

SB 7, legislation to provide school retirees with a supplemental check, passed the Texas Senate today on a 22-0 vote. If the bill eventually becomes…

House activity grinds to a halt as Democrats break quorum

Jul 12, 2021

More than 50 Democrats have left the state for the purpose of shutting down the House's ability to take action on legislation.

House and Senate committees advance 13th check bills

Jul 9, 2021

Two bills providing a supplemental payment to school retirees passed out of committee during Friday meetings.

Special session off to a quick start

Jul 8, 2021

The first special session of the 87th Texas Legislature convened Thursday morning. Hearings on some legislation — including a 13th check for school…

Abbott includes TRS 13th check in special session agenda

Jul 7, 2021

Gov. Greg Abbott announced the agenda for the special session of the Texas Legislature that will begin Thursday, July 8. Lawmakers can only consider…

Special session set for July 8

Jul 1, 2021

Gov. Greg Abbott said lawmakers will return to Austin on July 8 for a special session. His office has yet to release details about which items will…