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House floor action includes standards for student electronics use

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In floor action Monday, the House approved HB 2729 by Cody Harris regarding pre-K educator requirements. The bill differentiates the requirements for pre-K teachers in a public school setting versus those who teach for an entity that a district contracts with. For such an entity, the requirements for teachers are not as rigorous; only the supervisor must meet the same requirements as a public school pre-K teacher.

The House also passed HB 2673 by Rep. Lacey Hull, which addresses standards for students using electronic devices and software provided by schools. The TEA-adopted standards must minimize student data collection, require parent consent, and consider using a filter to alert administrators if a student accesses online materials regarding self-harm or violence. Schools must install filters to prevent access to pornographic or obscene materials.

On a final vote of 144-0, the House passed SB 10, the TRS retiree benefits bill. The Senate is expected to reject the House’s version and request the appointment of a conference committee.

The Senate approved SB 1072 by Sen. Bryan Hughes, a bill strictly limiting how employees can discuss with students topics regarding reproductive and sexual health. It also prohibits districts from providing or allowing a third party to provide instruction or activities regarding sexual orientation or gender identity to students at any level.