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Aaaaand....special session #1 begins

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After the House and Senate ended the 88th regular legislative session Monday afternoon, Gov. Abbott released a proclamation reconvening the legislature for a special session beginning 9:00 Monday night. This is expected to be the first of multiple special sessions.

The agenda, which the governor controls during a special session, consists of:

Legislation to cut property-tax rates solely by reducing the school district maximum compressed tax rate in order to provide lasting property-tax relief for Texas taxpayers.
Legislation solely for the purpose of increasing or enhancing the penalties for certain criminal conduct involving the smuggling of persons or the operation of a stash house.

A special session can last up to 30 days, but can also end much more quickly if the House and Senate can agree on the relevant bills.

Bills unrelated to the topics can be filed, but typically the chambers focus on the specified issues.